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When your residential or commercial cooling system is not working properly, it can, and often does, have serious and organization-wide implications.

Whether your employees are forced to work in an uncomfortable environment because the AC in your building is broken, or millions of dollars’ worth products that require cold storage in your warehouse are in danger of expiring, it’s critical that you get fast, expert and reliable repair of your system when a problem is detected.

Heat Cool NJ is keenly aware of the diverse cooling needs of the New Jersey homeowner and business community, and we have been helping residential and private customers swiftly resolve their NJ cooling repair and maintenance needs for years. Contact us today at (201) 561-5364.

Reduce Your Monthly Cooling Bills

Your cooling and AC bills account for a significant portion of your monthly energy costs. The United States Department of Energy reports that the average home and business spends about 12 percent of their energy costs on air conditioning and cooling expenditures.

This number can get even higher if your system not running with optimal efficiency.

Heat Cool NJ is ready to help you save money on your monthly energy bills by providing expert cooling system installation, maintenance and repair in NJ. Our decades of experience, affordable prices and world-class customer service make us the ideal option for customers throughout the North Jersey area. Stop wasting dollars on sky-high cooling bills now.


Serving All of New Jersey’s Residential and Commercial Cooling Needs

Heat Cool NJ licensed, experienced and qualified residential and commercial cooling specialists provide a full array of services, including but not limited to:

  • Cooling System Installation – Are you looking to replace your residential or commercial cooling system in NJ, or install one in your new building? Heat Cool NJ has decades of experience installing all sizes, brands and designs.
    • We proudly service all types of buildings, from homes and apartment complexes, to warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, retail outlets and more. There are few things worse than when your guests, customers or colleagues are hot and uncomfortable in your space. It can have a genuine impact on your business, and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.
    • Heat Cool NJ will help you determine what size and model of cooling system is best for your space, and plan accordingly. We provide prompt, expedited and clean installation of your cooling system, and put your satisfaction above all.
  • Cooling System Repair – Is your system making an odd noise? Are there spots in your home or building that are not getting as cool as they should? Do you notice an odd smell coming from your system? No matter what type of repair issue your residential or commercial cooling system is experiencing, the professionals at Heat Cool NJ are ready to help you get it back to running at peak performance.


    • We have spent years serving residential and commercial customers throughout New Jersey, and there is no problem too large or small; however, even the smallest problems can become big and expensive if they aren’t taken care of properly and immediately.
  • Cooling System Maintenance – The longevity of a residential or commercial cooling system depends largely on how often and how well it’s maintained. Letting your cooling system go without proper maintenance can significantly decrease its performance, efficiency and life expectancy. Something as simple as forgetting to regularly change air filters can lead to more serious problems, like overworked blower motors, frozen coils and more.
    • When it comes time to perform routine or even unexpected maintenance on your cooling system in NJ, Heat Cool NJ is here for whatever you need. We recommend performing routine maintenance on your cooling system at least once a year; however, each system will require different levels of maintenance, depending upon how much it’s used and other factors. Contact us today to learn more.

The Importance of a Properly Functioning Cooling System in NJ

As summers in New Jersey seem to get longer and hotter, your residential or commercial cooling system is expected to perform at a higher level than ever before. The average summer temperature in New Jersey is over 85 degrees, and some days can reach the low 100’s. These often-extreme conditions require your system to run at full efficiency and performance.

A breakdown or slowdown of your cooling system can severely impact your business, and endanger the comfort and long-term health of your building’s occupants. Don’t let it get to the point. Heat Cool NJ is ready to help you survive those hot New Jersey summers through expert, affordable and reliable cooling system repair, installation and maintenance. Let us help you stay cool.

All Types of Cooling Systems for Your Home or Business

Everybody has the right to be cool and comfortable. That’s why Heat Cool NJ strives to provide the best service to cooling system installation, heating and repair to commercial and residential customers in NJ.

  • Commercial Cooling Systems – Whether you’re looking for a single split, multi-split, VRF or VRV system, our experienced, credentialed and qualified technicians and installation specialists are ready to keep your business cool and comfortable year-round. Heat Cool NJ is a leader in North Jersey commercial cooling system installation, and we work closely with customers to ensure they get exactly what they need. We offer the most competitive pricing in the area, and satisfaction guarantees on all installations.
  • Residential Cooling Systems – There’s nothing quite like stepping into your air-conditioned home during the hottest days of the summer. Those of us who live in New Jersey understand just how much of a necessity a properly functioning residential cooling system is, and Heat Cool NJ is ready to help you ensure your home’s system is working as it should. Whether you have a single-zone or multi-zone system, you deserve to have your home at the exact temperature you want it at all times.

Contact Us Now for all Your Cooling System Needs

Whether you need installation, repair and maintenance of your commercial and residential NJ cooling system, call Heat Cool NJ today at (201) 561-5364. We look forward to providing you the expert service you deserve.

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