Common Central Air Conditioning Repair Problems

A broken central air conditioning unit is the last thing that you want to happen, especially during a hot day. More often than not, a struggling air conditioner is not the fault of the equipment but poor maintenance. If the HVAC unit is not working at 100 percent, it uses more energy to keep the room cool. Below are some of the common central air conditioning repair problems as told by an HVAC contractor.

Condenser Does Not Run

There are instances in which the condenser of your air conditioning unit doesn’t run and needs repair. This is caused by several factors. The first possible cause is no power. You should check for tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses at your panel.

The second possible cause of a faulty condenser is that the thermostat is set too high. You can easily solve this problem by lowering the thermostat setting.

Other cause of a non-working condenser is faulty motor or compressor. If that is the case, you should contact a HVAC contractor in North Jersey to look at the problem for your air conditioning repair. You should not try to repair the motor or compressor on your own.

Not Cool Enough

Another common HVAC problem is the lack of cooling that the unit provides. The first thing you need to do when assessing your air conditioning repair is to check the thermostat. Chances are it is set too high. You can solve your problem by lowering the setting by five degrees.

The air conditioning unit will also provide inadequate cooling if the evaporator is dirty. All you need to do is to clean the evaporator, and your problem is solved.

Lastly, your central AC unit might not have enough power to cool the room. If that is the case, you need to consult a HVAC contractor to replace it with a larger unit.

Condenser Unit Turns On and Off

There are times when you might notice that the condenser unit goes on and off. One of the causes of this problem is dirty condenser. You need to clean the fins and coil of the condenser to stop this from happening.

The problem might also be caused by something that’s blocking the condenser unit. Inspect the unit and remove debris that might be blocking it such as grass, vines, and weeds.

There are also some instances in which the problem is caused by a dirty evaporator. If that is the case, then you just need to clean it.

Uneven Cooling

Another common problem of central air conditioning units is uneven cooling. This is often caused by an unbalanced distribution system. You will need the help of a HVAC contractor to balance the system for you.

These are the common central air conditioning repair problems in North Jersey. As you can see, one of the most common problems is a dirty evaporator. Make sure that you maintain its cleanliness at all times. However, there are some systems where the evaporator might not be accessible. IF that is the case, then have a HVAC contractor clean it for you at least once a year.